A Day in the Life of a Consultant


If you’re successful in securing a position with Charlton Morris, then fantastic! You’ll at the start of an exciting journey which will help you develop a whole host of new skills as well as creating, developing and maintaining relationships with senior level decision makers all over the world. 

It’s hard work though; whilst it’s an exciting, global role it involves long hours, a surgical attention to detail and excellent timekeeping. This is a post designed to show you what a typical working day looks like for a consultant that works here. 

0630 – Alarm

0645 – Open eyes. Catch up on essentials such as news, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter, before getting in the shower and sorted for work.

0730  – Arrive in the office, eat a breakfast, usually containing some sort of fruit/yoghurt/bacon

0745 – Start preparing for the day, go through emails and LinkedIn messages, replying and prioritising as much as possible.

0800 – Put together a to-do list for the day, and start to list the clients and candidates that I have to speak with, taking care to get my timezones correct as people in Houston don’t react well to being called at 3am. This is also the time to make sure you’re prepared for your morning meeting with a manager.

0815 – Brew.

0830 – Morning meeting. Go through the day with my manager, and talk about the day’s plan of action. Discuss the candidates I’m looking to represent that day, where you’re looking to take them and which companies would be a potential fit.

0900 – Get on the phone. Try to proactively contact as many clients as possible on behalf of my candidate. I work in Renewables, so this morning I’m going to try and speak with Vice Presidents of major Wind Turbine Manufacturers, based in mainland Europe (my candidate’s based in Spain).

1130 – After a client shows an interest in my candidate, I manage to secure him an interview. I call the candidate (who is really happy) to make sure he is available for a call next week.

1200 – Spend time before lunch identifying more candidates who are looking for a new position.


1400 – Get back on the phone- this time representing a candidate based in the US, who works in the Solar Sector. He’s in Chicago, so I’m looking to focus on the Midwest with my search, but that might expand to California later in the day.

1700 – Interview a Director of Business Development, earning around $180,000 USD who is looking for a new position, ready for me to proactively work on his behalf later in the week. He’s open to roles anywhere in North America.

1745 – Source candidates using LinkedIn for a role I am working on in South America. Send initial messages, ready to be chased up tomorrow with phone calls.

1845 –Prepare for my day tomorrow – identify the clients that I have to catch up with, and which roles I will be working on throughout the day.

1915 – Leave the office, and go home!

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