Employee Insights Part 1

This is a page we’ve dedicated to some of our consultants, managers and those in between to share their insights about what it’s like to work at Charlton Morris.



Ollie Clift – Consultant – Started September ’16

Before starting my career in executive search, I’d heard mixed reviews about the industry – mainly offered by family and friends who have worked in recruitment or family and friends that had used recruiters.

General Feedback: it will be difficult – but you can earn a lot

Yes, this is true, and although I see this theory in practice every day, from my perspective the biggest long-term benefit is the skills acquired. Whether it be confidence, organisation, communication or resilience, the learning process is unparalleled to any other straight-out-of-uni job. Even after just ¾ of a year in the job, and coming from a sales position previously, things like talking to CEO’s/directors/VP’s and managers of multi-million dollar organisations on a daily-basis, has equipped me with the tools that could be applied to any job.

Furthermore, the fact that everyone gets on is a massive plus of working here. When I’m having a day where things aren’t going my way and wondering if recruitment was the right choice for me (and this does happen – it is difficult, remember), I picture myself in my other hypothetical post-uni job, sitting next to Linda, 52, three kids and the most interesting thing she has to say all day is how useless her husband is. Essentially, having a young office means everyone is like-minded and you can actually have a laugh while earning money.

Lyle King – Consultant – Started January ’16 

If you are recently graduated or you’re coming into your final year and are beginning to assess your options, this is what I think it’s been like working as a Business Consultant for Charlton Morris.

When I first started, I was told that I was now a “Business Consultant” in the Water & Chemical sectors which didn’t mean much to me. After the first few weeks, and once I started to make my way through the training, I started to get a better understanding of what I was supposed to be doing, the things I should be doing and the people that I should be speaking with.

It did also help that I had a manager, who is now based in Copenhagen, who knew my market really well and could point me in the right direction). As the weeks and months progressed, I started speaking with some interesting (and incredibly well paid) professionals who were experts in the Water & Chemical markets and I’ve learned a lot about what products do and how organisations are run.  My first placement (fee) came after 7 months of graft, after some bad luck in the preceding months where a few things fell out (this stings), which meant I finally started to see the reward for all the hard work. Once the first placement was made, something (I don’t know what) clicked and I’ve made successful, and quite lucrative, partnerships with some class organisations in Europe and the US.

Outside of work, we really do get rewarded for the hard work that we put in. Every four weeks, assuming we hit the company revenue target, we go out for a company-wide meal and drinks and every quarter, again assuming we hit targets, we do something a bit fancier. Since I’ve started, we’ve been go-karting, wild goose-chasing, segwaying, escape rooming and had a few lager beers in between.

It isn’t to be underestimated that it’s hard work when you first start. You are essentially going to build your own recruitment market from scratch but, if you do the right things, the rewards certainly come your way.

Peter Morgan – Consultant – Started January ’17

My experience with Charlton Morris started before I had even worked a single day for the company. After being given a tour of half a building site and half an office, I was sold the vision of the new offices and quickly realised this is a company constantly striving to be better. After completing my final interview with the directors I received a call that evening and was offered the position. Not only that, I was told they would like it if I could attend the Christmas party.

I hadn’t even worked a day and the company were treating me better than any other company I had worked for. The day of the party, I came into the office and started to get to know the people who I would be working with. We were then taken to Everyman cinema where we watched a film, ate pizza and drank a few beers. That evening the company took us to Angelicas for a 3-course meal and drinks – I didn’t spend a penny the whole day!

I am a little older than most graduates and have worked several jobs in my life, but I don’t know one of them that would treat an employee so well. Charlton Morris is very much a place where you work hard and you are treated well. The people who had been working before I arrived had worked extremely hard over the year to earn that party and I was very lucky to be invited and felt instantly welcomed.

Being made welcome is something I felt from the first day I walked in the door and that is something that hasn’t diminished through my time here. It is something that gets stronger. You are instantly part of a successful team and made very welcome by everyone in the whole company, but you form a close bond with the people in your team. It’s a competitive environment, and although you don’t compete directly with your colleagues for business, you are always competing to be the best. This became clear when we held a doubles  table tennis tournament, where me and my partner managed to win it and get our names engraved on the trophy!

There are always incentives to be earned and this creates a fantastic atmosphere for you and your team to thrive. The best example of this is that the top biller for the year will be sent to Las Vegas in 2017, with all expenses paid, and the top newcomer will be sent to Barcelona for the weekend, again, all paid for with spending money!

You are rewarded well for your hard work too. In the beginning, you take it slower than is expected on a daily basis and have to find your feet but the work comes thick and fast and you must put the hours in to reap the rewards. My biggest challenge was getting my head around the amount of work to do, coupled with getting to know a brand-new market. I am still learning things about my market each day and the process of learning and developing never stops. Luckily, I have a great manager who always had time to answer my questions and help me. Saying that though, there isn’t one manager in the company who I wouldn’t want to manage me. You also get a mentor to work alongside you, who has also been great.

As I write this, we’re close to hitting our target again and will be taken out by the company tomorrow for our end of period reward. Following that, our team director is taking Life Sciences out for food and drink on the evening after the division performed extremely well last period. We’re in the middle of a ‘Ryder Cup’ table tennis tournament with Medical Devices and are in a strong position to win that. All the proceeds will go to St Gemma’s Hospice as we aim to hit our target of raising them £10,000.

If you are looking for a place to work hard, be guided and developed, and reap the rewards then Charlton Morris is the place for you!