Employee Insights Part 2

Here’s some more insights from consultants who started life as a grad, and are currently working with Charlton Morris!



Paul Atkinson – Business Manager – Started October ’13

Joining Charlton Morris as a start up, I never knew quite what to expect, which is the case in any start-up environment.

When I started, the organisation had 8 employees, and looking back at that from where we are now, it’s been quite the journey. The first 6 months in the job are tough: you come in learning a new market, in a new environment and learning the soft skills of the job. However, speaking from experience, if you can come through this period unscathed you are on to a winner. It took me 7 months to score my first fee, but since then I have never looked back. The first year is very much getting to grips with things, learning the job, and chipping in on the revenue. Once I started consistently scoring, it allowed me to look at the bigger picture and I began knocking on the door for management.

Naturally, as any company gets bigger, there is a need for more managers, and after a successful period of scoring I stepped up in to a management role. When you begin managing the ability to grow is great; I have added two people to my team in the last 9 months and now lead a team of 3. With 40 FTE’s, the growth of the company is clear and we certainly still have the ‘start-up’ feel, so progression for anyone ambitious coming through the door is certainly achievable.


Joe Jani – Senior Consultant – Started June ’15

After spending 4 years at uni being absolutely skint, I set about looking for the highest paying job possible. Having looked at 1000’s of grad jobs paying £18k I decided that wasn’t for me. When I came across the advert for Charlton Morris with an OTE of £50K I was immediately interested and decided to apply.

Before officially joining Charlton Morris I was invited to a company day out, which I now know as an ‘End of Period’. We went for a 3 course meal in the best restaurant in Leeds, and had a free bar all day, which I thought was brilliant. I was introduced to the period’s top biller who’d just been paid £20k for a months work, and I couldn’t believe it.

Having worked in the company for over 2 years, the enjoyment of free food and drink every 4 weeks on EOP has still not worn off.

When I joined, we had just moved into new offices so naturally there was a buzz around the company. However this is something that has remained constant and continued to grow as the business grows. The atmosphere in the office is second to none and is beyond what you would expect from a team who have not missed a target in 3 years.

Working in a company who perform at a high intensity and offer incomparable incentives is a great opportunity for any ambitious graduate.


James Barraclough – Started March ’17

Its been just over a month since I began my employment at Charlton Morris and it’s been an enjoyable, yet testing experience. I’m not going to sugar coat my experience because in order to get a realistic grasp of my time so far, I’m going to be as honest as possible.

My welcome to the company was great and I instantly felt part of the team. Its important to stress how much of a positive environment I get to work in each day; when everyone is up on their feet on the phones there isn’t many companies that would create that buzz. Saying this, the days are long and you must work at full pace 100% of the time. The issue I am finding is that the days fly by and I get frustrated at my lack of efficiency in getting each task done. There is always more to do and there is never a single day you leave work after “finishing” what you must do, there is and always will be, something more to do.

I came into this job knowing how hard I need to work to succeed and I can honestly say that as my role becomes more demanding, my work ethic is stronger than ever. I receive all the support I need from my manager and colleagues, with regular training sessions and role plays. The work is tough but the company incentives and rewards really give back; that’s without mentioning the amount of money to be made if you work hard enough. Charlton Morris is without doubt a fantastic place to build a solid career.

If you are hardworking, resilient and up for a challenge then apply!